Explore Our Over Two-Decade Journey With Jack Russells

Howdy From the Queens

In pics: Shelby Queen, Main contact and Breeder; Dr. Deborah Queen, Chief Operating Oversight Manager and Mammaw; Clara Queen, Niece, Puppy Wrangler/Tamer

Queen's English Jack Russells
Shelby Queen
Queen's English Jack Russells
Dr. Deborah Queen
Queen's English Jack Russells
Clara Queen

Pups And Kids

Dog love began for our family generations back. We can go through old photos, and inevitably, you will stumble upon a picture with a pup that prompts countless stories of adventures. Our family’s journey with the Jack Russell breed began over 20 years ago. Can we say we were not prepared for the disruption our first Jack, Ms. Toler Marie Queen, brought to our lives? We were a Labrador and Beagle Mutt family and had experienced loving pet relationships. But we had never been owned by a Jack Russell before. It was love at the first fiasco, and we have been hooked ever since. Clara, my niece, was born to wrangle puppies. She ensures that little ones going to new families have experience with children.

Over the last 20 years, we would have had the occasional litter of Jack Russell puppies, but the primary focus of our family was rescue. There is a place in all our hearts for rescues and new puppies. We understand that individuals have strong opinions on a rescue versus buying a dog from a reputable breeder. We also hold those beliefs, but each family has very different needs, and a dog or puppy joining someone’s family should be a thoughtful decision. This is even more important when adding a Short Jack Russell Terrier to your family.

As a small-town librarian, Debby would run the Summer Puppy Program, where she would partner with the local rescue nonprofit to pair young ones and dogs that needed homes. Of course, this was an obvious ploy for the participants to fall in love, learn important lessons about dogs, have a fantastic time, and eventually formally adopt. It was an incredible experience for all involved.

Retirement called, and the program was disbanded, but the pups and kids that were involved in this program were forever changed for the better. If you ever saw a small school bus trundling down the road with a back end full of kennels and a front filled with smiling kids… now you have the answer to what was happening that summer day in Castroville, TX.

I, Shelby, have worked in Washington, D.C. for the past 15 years before moving back to Bryan, TX. I successfully and happily lived with Jack Russells in my apartment. It can be done, but it was a daily commitment to ensure family happiness with the right amount of physical exertion. My Jack Russells, Scout and Jake, sadly went over the rainbow bridge two years ago at the ripe old ages of 17 and 19 years old. I was really unwilling to experience life without a Jack Russell partner and began to do my research wanting a breeding pair as my work became divided between Texas and the East coast. I leaned into finding committed and responsible breeders of the ‘Shorty,’ ‘Puddin,’ ‘English Jack,’ or ‘Short Jack Russell.’ We found that the breeders that held the standards we were aligned with were found in both the English Jack Russell Terrier Club Alliance (EJRTCA) as well as the American Kennell Club (AKC). These organizations held our values for dog breeding and produced our preferred aesthetic.

Queen's English Jack Russells
Queen's English Jack Russells

Soon, Mary Poppins Queen, Peter Pan Queen, and now Tinkerbelle Queen have all joined our family. We are based in Bryan, TX near Texas A&M University in Central Texas. Almost all training takes place on campus near the North End of Kyle field. (If you are not an Aggie, or love someone who is, don’t worry that last sentence was not for you.) We will only have one or two litters a year and are committed to ensuring puppies are socialized for all ages of engagement and work well with other animals in the home. Many days we can be found at the local dog parks. Come see us.

We also understand that life throws curveballs. Any puppies that originate with our family can happily come home anytime.

We look forward to talking to you,

Shelby, Debby, and Clara